How to check the health of your Insurance Portfolio

Insurance portfolios change as a business ages. Factors like financial independence and partnerships alter requirements, which is why it is necessary to review current plans. Business owners may need a plan that offers more coverage. Likewise, the plan may not need to provide a very extensive coverage if operations are being scaled down. An insurance portfolio analysis can help organisations evaluate their current portfolio and enable them to make changes that are in line with their present as well as future requirements.

Insurance portfolio management is a key service that organisations can benefit from. It helps them make better decisions about their insurance portfolios so that they stand to gain more from them. Hiring a portfolio management service can remove much of the hassle of keeping abreast of updates and news as well as provide business owners with a clear picture of what type of plan they need.

In the meantime, business owners can self-check the insurance portfolios of their companies to get an idea of what changes to make. Here are a few insurance diagnostictips that can help:

Evaluate the present situation: What are the major changes that have taken place with the organisation? Have employees been laid off recently? Have operations expanded? Has profit taken a dip? Major changes need to be factored in when evaluating the present scenario.

Use trusted insurers: Business owners should always purchase policies from insurers with a proven record of settling claims. Otherwise, it is money down the drain. Rather than buying a lower cost plan, it is prudent to look at what the policy offers. In this regard, it is more advisable to visit the websites of online aggregators like Paybima instead of individual websites of each to analyse and compare different policies along with the changes in coverage since the last purchase as it can help improve the health of an insurance portfolio.

Benefits to health-checking insurance portfolio

Business owners who conduct regular business health checks can help lower the risk of insolvency and increase profits. Such health checks also provide business owners with insight into the health of their portfolios. They manage risks better too by monitoring buyers with negative change and analysing external issues that could potentially become a problem.

Business risks are always a threat and while they are impossible to predict, it is wholly within the capability of business owners to check the health of their business portfolios regularly. These health checks can reduce cost and improve the efficiency of key activities like audits. While a professional analysis is necessary, business owners can conduct their own checks to see where changes need to be made so that they can mitigate business risks.


Checking the health of your insurance portfolio is a necessity as is reviewing and topping up your existing policy from time to time. This can help you save money and help you get more out of your investment portfolio while providing security in your time of need. Learn how to check the health of your portfolio here.

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